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Flucht vor der Altersarmut (Spiegel TV Reportage)

Wer in Deutschland weniger als 1000 Euro Rente bekommt, kann sich einen bequemen Ruhestand kaum noch leisten. Deshalb zieht es immer mehr Rentner ins Billigland Bulgarien.


Dimiter Muftieff hat einige von ihnen mit dem Team von „Spiegel TV Reportage“ besucht.


Australia's Most Wanted Fugitive Busted in Bulgaria (News Corp)

 A one-year investigation led by News Corp Australia in cooperation with Balkan Reporter tracked down Australian tycoon Clive Palmer's fugitive nephew Clive Mensink, wanted for questioning over the $300 million collapse of Queensland Nickel. The worldwide hunt for the fugitive Australian company boss came to an end in Bulgaria. Clive Mensink was found in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia in February 2018, nearly two years after leaving Australia. Australia's Federal Court issued two warrants in 2017 after Mr Mensink failed to turn up and answer liquidators' questions about the collapse of his uncle's Queensland Nickel business. Fixer and additional reporting: Milena Hristova.

Shrinking Bulgaria (Aftenposten)

Norway's Oslo capital region has been one of the top three fastest growing regions in Europe in thelast 10 years, with a population growth of more then 18 percent. Northwest Bulgaria, on the other end, experienced a population decline of more then 14 percent. What does it mean to live in the poorest and fastest shrinking region in Europe? How is life compared to Norway?

Dimiter Muftieff found protagonists and places that illustrate how demographics affect the day-to-day-lives of people in the region.

Aussie Murderer's Freedom Bid Fails 
Australian Jock Palfreeman, who is in a Bulgarian prison for murder, has bizarrely made the choice to withdraw his parole application. The former Sydney schoolboy has withdrawn his bid for freedom, with his lawyer saying the application was bound to fail. Palfreeman, 31, is serving a 20-year jail term for murder, after he stabbed a man to death in a street brawl in Sofia in December 2007.
Milena Hristova reported from Sofia City Court for News Corp Australia Network.  

Honey-trap for ISIS-trained Aussie in Bulgaria


Former Sydney schoolboy John Zahariev, sentenced to four years’ jail by a Bulgarian court for training as an ISIS terrorist, has fallen a victim to a “honey-trap”, set by glamorous blonde shooter Kristina Georgieva, who accompanied him on one of his trips. This has been revealed by an investigation of News Corp Australia and Balkan Reporter and backed by claims of Mr Zahariev's supporters. Allegedly lured by her charms, John Zahariev was more than excited to practice shooting with a Kalashnikov with her at a local shooting range in a village outside the tourist city of Plovdiv. Fixer: Milena Hristova

Bulgaria Jails Aussie for Terrorism (News Corp)

Australian man John Zahariev has been found guilty by a Bulgarian court of terrorism offences and sentenced to four years in jail.  The Sofia Special Criminal Court found Zahariev, 21, guilty of training as a terrorist with the intention of carrying out a terrorist act. He was ordered to spend four years in a Bulgarian jail — half the maximum sentence for this offence under Bulgarian law. His mother Anne Ngo, who is fighting cancer, was in court. Milena Hristova reported from Sofia for News Corp Australia Network.

10 Years at Sofia Prison (Daily Telegraph)

An interview with Australian Jock Palfreeman, sentenced to 20 years in jail for murder in Bulgaria. He has already served half his sentence and is eligible for parole in December, but does not believe he will be released. Fixer: Milena Hristova    

Minderheiten in Europa: Die Pomaken in Bulgarien (RBB)

Zwischen den Rhodopen und dem Piringebirge in Südbulgarien prägen in manchen Bergdörfern Moscheen statt Kirchen die wunderschöne Landschaft. Hier leben geschätzte 200.000 bulgarische Muslime, auch Pomaken genannt. Dimiter Muftieff begleitete das RBB-Team bei einer Hochzeit dieser Minderheit und erkundete, wie sich Sprache und Kultur erhalten konnten.

Phil Collins: Secret Revealed in Bulgaria (Daily Mail)

As English rock star Phil Collins published his memoirs "Not Dead Yet" in October 2016, the identity of a man who played a pivotal part in his story, but was kept secret for more than 40 years, was uncovered in Bulgaria. Michael Burberry, scion of the world-renowned Burberry fashion design family, is the mysterious man the rock star's first wife Andrea had an affair with during her disturbing marriage. Milena Hristova found Mr Burberry enjoying a Bohemian lifestyle in sunny Bulgaria. 

Urlauber-Abzocke am Goldstrand (Kabel Eins)

Dimiter Muftieff war für die Sendung "Achtung Abzocke" (Kabel Eins) am Schwarzen Meer unterwegs. Am Badeort Goldstrand ist er zusammen mit Moderator Peter Giesel und seinem Team Betrügern, die es auf Touristen abgesehen haben, mit versteckter Kamera auf den Leim gegangen.

UK's Worst Landlord Tracked in Bulgaria (The Times)


North London landlord Katia Goremsandu has been dubbed the UK’s worst landlord.


Milena Hristova found out she is a Bulgarian and tracked the Bulgarian connection right down to her closest relatives living in Bulgaria.

Grenzland - Vom Baltikum zur Akropolis (RBB)

Von Norden nach Süden, von Narva in Estland bis nach Athen in Griechenland. Eine Reise zu den Menschen diesseits und jenseits der Außengrenze der Europäischen Union. Ein "Roadmovie" auf den Straßen des neuen und alten Europa. In Bulgarien hat Dimiter Muftieff das RBB-Team als Producer betreut.

Revealed: New Clues in UK Woman Rape, Murder    (Daily Mail)

Jan Bennett, 67, from Bristol, was attacked and killed on August 1 2015 in the village of Malomir, south-east Bulgaria, where she had moved two months earlier. As prosecutors in Bulgaria were seeking the most “severe” sentence against the man accused of raping and murdering the British woman, Milena Hristova investigated the cruel crime on the ground. Less than a month after the suspect Ivan Georgiev, 41, was sentenced, he took his own life in prison. 

Investigating UK Teacher's Death in Bulgaria                (Daily Mail)

British teacher Ethan McKen, 24, died on August 8 2015, just hours after arriving at the Bulgarian holiday resort of Sunny Beach and going for a swim. Milena Hristova reported from Bulgaria for the Daily Mail, contacting witnesses, lifeguards on the beach, sources at the police, the local medical center and the toxicology department. 

Refugees Crossing Bulgaria - EU's External Border (Hospodářské noviny)

The exodus of Syrians to Europe has fueled worries over security and control at EU's external border in Bulgaria. An investigation by Hospodářské noviny and Aktuálně.cz probed how Bulgaria, situated on one of the three primary migration routes, deals with attempts to be converted into a transit point for illegal migrants and jihadist fighters from both sides. Fixer: Milena Hristova

Roma Beggars: From Bulgaria to Sweden              (Sveriges Television SVT)

Zlatka is one of a growing number on Roma migrants, who beg on the streets of Stockholm, challenging Sweden’s reputation as one of Europe’s most tolerant and welcoming nations. A team of  Sveriges Television SVT tracked down Zlatka's family in Bulgaria, in a village close to the Danube town of Vidin on the border with Romania. A region that should have good conditions for trade, tourism and agriculture has been turned into the poorest region in the EU after the fall of the communist regime. The Swedish journalists found no evidence that the begging was organized, other than in the form of a family trip.  Fixer: Milena Hristova 

The Dublin Pitfall

“The Dublin Pitfall” is a documentary addressing the consequences of the Dublin Regulation on Syrian refugees in Europe. The film narrates the stories of five Syrians who fled for their lives but experienced worse conditions in their host country, Bulgaria. Added to that are the limitations imposed on them by European regulations, known as the Dublin Regulation. Produced and directed by Rime El Jadidi, a journalist based in Casablanca, Morocco. Fixer: Milena Hristova

Wahlen im Zeichen einer Gaspipeline (SRF Tagesschau)

Sofias Guerilla-Künstler (Arte TV)

Destructive Creation nennt sich eine Gruppe von einem guten Dutzend junger Künstler in Sofia, sie sind zwischen 17 und 28 Jahren alt. Sie wollen die Stadt verändern mit ihren Kunstaktionen, im Schutze der Nacht, verborgen vor den Blicken der Ordnungskräfte. Dimiter Muftieff hat sie aus der Anonymität herausgelockt und zusammen mit den Kollegen von Arte TV in ihrer geheimen Werkstatt in Sofia besucht.


mehr (Arte Reportage)

Bulgaria - Good Country, Bad State

(Helsingin Sanomat)

Taking a snapshot of today's Bulgaria through the eyes of an ordinary man from the town of Pravets, place of birth of Bulgaria's former communist dictator, Todor Zhivkov. That was the third meeting of Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat with Vasil Ivanov over a period of 20 years.


Read article here (Helsingin Sanomat)

Self-Immolations: Bulgarians' Cry of Despair

(Helsingin Sanomat)

Dimitar Dimitrov is one of dozens desperate Bulgarians who set themselves ablaze in poverty-stricken Bulgaria and the only one to survive. The cries of despair however failed to move rulers.


Read article here (Helsingin Sanomat)

Bulgaria: De-population on a Massive Scale

(Helsingin Sanomat)

Bulgaria has been hit hard by years of migration and demographic decline, leaving dozens of villages literally with few or no people living there.


Read article here (Helsingin Sanomat)

Die Donau - Reise in ein unbekanntes Europa


Für die sechsteilige SRF-Dokumentation „Die Donau“ war Dimiter Muftieff zusammen mit dem Schweizer Fersehmoderator Urs Gredig auf „Entdeckungsreise in ein unbekanntes Europa“. Entlang der bulgarischen Donauküste haben wir einige faszinierende Geschichten gesammelt, die spannende Einblicke in das Leben und den Alltag der Menschen in der ärmsten Region Europas geben. mehr...

Bulgaria-Jailed Aussie Trial in Bulgaria 

A detailed coverage for Australia's leading media of the trial against Jock Palfreeman. sentenced to 20 years in jail for murder in Bulgaria.


The happy and promising life of 20-year-old law student Andrei Monov was cut short brutally in the early hours of December 28, 2007 after he was fatally stabbed by Sydney man Jock Palfreeman in a street brawl in the center of Bulgarian capital, Sofia.


The lives of the two families from Bulgaria and Australia were devastated after the murder and they clashed in court in a desperate search for justice.


Palfreeman was sentenced to 20 years after a Bulgarian court found him guilty of murder with hooliganism and attempted murder in late 2009. The Sydney man later lost his jail appeal.

Read article here (The Australian)

Read article here (The Australian)

Read article here (The Australian)

Read article here (The Australian)

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Die Blocks der Blinden


In einem Industriegebiet am Rand von Sofia leben etwa 500 blinde Menschen im Elend.


Beitrag anschauen (NDR Weltbilder)

Die Kinder aus den Heimen


In den Zeiten des Sozialismus empfahl der Staat den Eltern, Kinder mit Problemen ins Heim zu geben – jetzt endlich werden sie daraus befreit.


Beitrag anschauen (Arte Reportage)

Die Blutdealer von Sofia

(Berliner Zeitung)

(Dradio Wissen)

Wer in Bulgarien Spenderblut braucht, muss dafür ein halbes Monatsgehalt zahlen. Eine Mafia kontrolliert den Schwarzmarkt.


Artikel lesen (Berliner Zeitung)


Beitrag hören (Dradio Wissen)

Die ärmste Region der EU

(ARD Europamagazin)

Ganz Europa schaut auf die krisengeschüttelten Länder Griechenland und Spanien. Unbemerkt kämpft die ärmste Region Europas ums Überleben: der nordwestliche Zipfel Bulgariens.


Beitrag anschauen (ARD Europamagazin)

Der virtuelle Bankraub

(Spiegel TV Magazin)

Mit immer ausgefeilteren Methoden werden Bankautomaten manipuliert, um anschließend mit gefälschten Karten die Konten ahnungsloser Kunden abzuräumen. Dahinter stecken häufig bulgarische Skimming-Banden.


Beitrag anschauen (Spiegel TV Magazin)

Der letzte Kubaner in Bulgarien


Fernando Diaz kam Anfang der achtziger Jahre ins unbekannte Bulgarien. Zusammen mit tausenden von Gastarbeitern sollte er beim Aufbau des Atomkraftwerks Belene helfen. Dann kam die Wende. Bulgariens Wirtschaft brach zusammen und die Arbeit am AKW wurde eingestellt. Heute sind die anderen Arbeiter längst weggezogen. Nur Fernando Diaz ist geblieben.


Beitrag anschauen (SRF)

Die Glöcknerin von Alexander Newski


Die Bulgarin Maria Subowa hat sich im Rentenalter noch einen Herzenswunsch erfüllt: Sie wurde Glöcknerin der berühmten orthodoxen Kirche "Alexander Newski" in Sofia. An Feiertagen läutet sie nun bis zu zwei Stunden lang die Glocken des Gotteshauses.


Beitrag hören (Euranet)

Der Exodus der Ärzte

Jeden Tag verlassen zwei bulgarische Ärzte ihre Heimat in Richtung Westen. Sie fliehen vor den miserablen Zuständen und unwürdigen Gehältern an bulgarischen Krankenhäusern. Für viele führt der Weg nach Deutschland. mehr...


Beitrag hören (Dradio Wissen)

Schwarzmeerküste: Hotels zu verkaufen

Die bulgarische Schwarzmeerküste galt vor der Krise als Geheimtipp für Anleger. Doch jetzt geben dort verlassene Baustellen und halbleere Hotels ein trauriges Bild ab. Hotelbesitzer, die kurz vor dem Beginn der Krise in der Hoffnung auf schnelle Gewinne in große Anlagen investierten, sind enttäuscht. Wachsende Schuldenberge zwingen sie zum Notverkauf. Die Preise haben den Boden erreicht, meinen Immobilienhändler und werben Käufer an.


Artikel lesen (Die Presse)

Die nationalistische Partei "Ataka" wirft den ausländischen Stromkonzernen in Bulgarien vor, Milliardengewinne ins Ausland geschafft zu haben. Sie denkt deshalb offen über eine Nationalisierung der Unternehmen nach.


Artikel lesen (Die Presse)

EU-Kommissar Hahn: "Bulgarien muss in allen Bereichen investieren"

Johannes Hahn, EU-Kommissar für Regionalpolitik, sieht in Bulgarien keinen Betrug mit EU-Fördergeldern mehr. Das Land hat allerdings Schwierigkeiten, überhaupt das volle Ausmaß möglicher EU-Gelder abzurufen.


Interview lesen (Die Presse)

Bulgaria's Passion for Dilma Rousseff

(BBC Brazil)

The citizens of Gabrovo, a hard-luck but endearing Bulgarian town at the foot of the central Balkans, where the father of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was born, have been caught up in the excitement of the newly found notoriety.


Read article here (BBC Brazil)

John the Baptist Relics - Epoch-Making Archaeology Find

(Globo TV)

Bulgarian archaeologists' discovery of relics purported to be John the Baptist turned into a huge sensation, provoking both interest and skepticism. A team of Brazilian TV channel Globo TV set off on a trip for St. Ivan Island, off Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, where the remains were found.


Globo TV

Bulgaria's European Commission Nominee Bites the Dust


Bulgarian commissioner-designate Rumiana Jeleva flopped at a hearing in the European Parliament and abandoned her candidacy. That was a heavy blow to the national pride, the country's image, the recently installed center-right government and last, but not least the European People's Party.


Read article here (Handelsblatt)