Translations that Make Sense!


Fed up with translation agencies, which churn out sub-standard work?

With us you get top-class language services and the utmost professionalism.

We handle translation and interpreting assignments into or from

English, German and Bulgarian.



Translation services you can trust


  • We are a team of professional translators and interpreters, who work to the highest professional standards. We care about quality and about our clients.
  • Our main language combinations are English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to English, German to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to German.  
  • We have over ten years of experience, specializing in law, IT, marketing, business, finance, EU-related issues, journalistic pieces, various marketing material, literary fiction.


What makes us different


  • We focus on just 3 languages: English, German and Bulgarian and offer top-class translation and interpretation services in those 3 languages.
  • We offer a unique combination of the quality, clarity and precision essential in this industry, with a deep understanding of cultural and creative nuance.
  • We have extensive background in English-language and German-language online and print media, a dozen years of experience on the field.
  • Excellent knowledge of not only how to translate, but write different types of texts in English and German. Authors of hundreds of articles and interviews for Bulgarian and international media.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and German, analytical skills, attention to detail.
  • Ability to work under pressure and on deadline.
  • Strong work ethic. We do not out-source projects to translators working at low rates and whose quality we can’t guarantee.
  • We work in close partnership with our clients so you can be sure of personal attention.


How we charge


  • We don’t have a standard rate, as our work varies widely in difficulty and complexity. For a free quote, send us an email with details of document type, subject area, deadline, and intended use/target audience (eg in-house, publication, web).
  • We calculate translation and editing work on a per page basis. Our standard page is 1500 characters, including spaces.
  • For our interpreting services we charge on an hourly basis.
  • Urgent jobs are subject to an additional charge.
  • You can pay us by bank transfer or PayPal.


How we work


  • Our standard translation and editing software is Word, but we can also work in Excel or PowerPoint or their Mac equivalents.
  • You can send us your texts by email (our preferred method) or post if necessary.


Confidentiality and Security


  • We're very careful about confidentiality and security and make sure that your documents are in safe hands.


Our clients


  • We have been confronted with various assignments from different fields, ranging from EU-related documents through technical translations to the quick and breezy reads offered by the novels of contemporary writers such as Zoe Strimpel, Julie James, Gemma Townley.
  •  Our clients include foreign investors, international media (TV, radio broadcasters, newspapers, online media outlets), think-tanks, Chambers of Commerce, government agencies, embassies and consulates.