7 racist things French PM Manuel Valls said about Bulgarian and Romanian Roma

by Dimiter Muftieff   April 2, 2014

Is the new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls a racist? Here's a quick reminder of his most disturbing comments about Bulgarian and Romanian Roma he made during his time as Interior Minister.


1. “These people have an enormously different lifestyle [from the French]. Only a small minority managed to integrate themselves. The rest should return to Bulgaria or Romania and stay there".


2. “The majority of Roma should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people. [...] It's not France's job to deal with the misery of the whole world.”


3. “Around 20,000 Roma migrants from Bulgaria and Romania living in some 400 camps have no interest in integrating into French society. This is for cultural reasons or because they are in the hands of begging or prostitution networks."


4. "The Roma should return to their country and be integrated over there. They should return to Romania or Bulgaria and for that the European Union, with the Bulgarian and Romanian authorities must ensure these populations are firstly integrated in their countries."


5. "It's illusory to think that we can resolve the problem of the Roma population solely via insertion [into French society].“


6. “Only a few families can be allowed to settle while there was no other solution than dismantling illegal Roma camps and repatriating individuals.“


7. "Don't you think France has had enough of thefts committed by Roma?"